Enabling Technologies

This is not another traditional stem cell therapy. Our ground-breaking technology works differently than any other regenerative medicine products by addressing the source of the problem.

With scientifically sound clinical data demonstrating efficiency and safety, we are committed to doing stem cell therapy right.

Stem Cell Pharmacy

Adult stem cells have been shown to possess a broad spectrum of immunoregulatory capabilities. +/-

They affect both adaptive and innate immunity by secretion of growth factors, chemokines and regulators that promote organ and tissue homeostasis by inducing cell proliferation, angiogenesis, interactions with the immune system and protection against cell death.

Based on these remarkable properties, adult stem cells can be viewed as a “pharmacy” with a broad spectrum of natural therapeutics to treat human diseases, including age-related pathologies and cancers. However, the beneficial properties of adult stem cells decline with the age of the patient or upon stem cell recovery and expansion offered by modern regenerative therapies in clinical trials.

Aelan is developing new, disruptive technologies that dive deep into beneficial stem cell resources to remove age-related constraints on stem cell vitality in ways that are specific to each patient.

Molecular Diagnostics

Currently, aging is not defined or descriptive within the clinical spectrum. +/-

In an effort to improve the diagnostics of age-related pathologies and patient care, Aelan is developing proprietary predictors for the rate of aging.

Aelan is developing diagnostic tools that are unique in their capacity to provide rapid and affordable assessments of organismal vitality in blood samples. These diagnostic tools could be used by clinicians to predict the future onset of age-related diseases and make informed patient care decisions. Additionally, our tools can be used as reporter assays for drug screening and for the development of dietary and nutritional programs aimed at improving human longevity.


Cancer survival rates decrease with age, in part because the efficacy of cancer therapies decline for older people. +/-

Chemotherapy and radiotherapy wreak havoc on the immune system, cause a buildup of cellular waste in remaining tissue and kill healthy and cancerous cells alike, leaving a residue that needs to be either removed from the body or efficiently restored to the original biological function.

Aelan technology addresses this by boosting the efficiency of DNA repair in critical cells following cancer treatment. Aelan is developing products that promote organ and tissue homeostasis by inducing cell proliferation, angiogenesis, interactions with the immune system and protection against cell death and senescence.

Personalized Cosmetics

Aelan is researching and developing novel supplements for anti-aging skin care to combat the common signs of aging. +/-

Beneficial factors such as macromolecules are identified and isolated from human adult stem cells. Similar to their native function in providing regeneration of the tissues and organs, these macromolecules are found to be essential for skin rejuvenation.

In our extraordinary skin care products, the stem cell extracts are mixed with powerful moisturizers and other carefully selected ingredients to help preserve the stability of our stem cell extracts and improve delivery of these potent ingredients to the skin. Aelan supplements are a combination of several scientific discoveries, unique high technology and patent-pending formulations. We are tailoring these products as personalized cosmetics, using the client’s own stem cells to slow the signs of aging.

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