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MS or BS in biological sciences with 2 years' relevant experience preferably in a biotech company; MS strongly preferred.

The applicant should have a strong interest in stem cell research and basic molecular biology. Human mammalian cell culture experience is required, with additional broad experiences in basic molecular biology techniques. A high proficiency using computers, Microsoft Word, Excel, Power Point is required. Weekend and evening work will be required occasionally. Significant expertise in the culture of mammalian cells, preferably primary cells from human sources, is required. Experience with establishing primary cell lines samples from patient and/or animal sources is preferred. Experience in culturing mouse embryonic fibroblasts and iPSCs is preferred. GMP experience a plus. Excellent communication and recordkeeping skills, dedicated work ethic, strong organizational proficiencies, and capacity to work independently are essential. He/she is expected to be team player with good communication and interpersonal skills; willingness to learn, seek out advice and admit errors, highly motivated to succeed. General proficiency with computers and ability to effectively multitask are expected.


Technical Skills:

  • Experience in hESC/hiPSC cell culture as well as cell culture techniques for cell lines and primary cells. Expansion of primary cultures, iPSC expansion and QC and differentiation.
  • Experience in basic molecular biology techniques such as cloning, 293T-Transfections and viral titer estimation using FACS as well as PCR techniques
  • Perform quality control assays required in stem cell biology including immunocytochemistry, gene expression profiling and phenotypic characterization through varying techniques such as PCR, qPCR, Western Blot, ELISA etc.


  • Work closely with laboratory operations and compliance teams to ensure reagents/consumables inventory is accurately and efficiently maintained.
  • Maintain accurate records and troubleshoot independently
  • Provide routine scientific reports
  • Assist supervisor in preparing proposals and publications